Marina Rules

1.0 General 

1.1 Vessels must be Seaworthy, and must not in derelict condition or in a state of disrepair. Marina users must comply with all Marina Rules. 

1.2 Vessels must be moored so as to be fully within the approved marina berth boundaries. For the purpose of berthing, the length of a vessel is the maximum measurement from the forward extremity to the after extremity, including all protrusions and overhangs. 

1.3 The berths may not be sub-leased or sub-licenced without the permission of the Marina Manager and only one vessel may occupy any one berth at all times. 

1.4 The storage or transportation of fuels, oils and other flammable and dangerous goods or substances is prohibited at all times. 

1.5 The marina fire hose reels and fire extinguishers shall not be used for any purpose other than during an emergency. 

1.6 Marina users may reasonably use water, power, and other facilities provided by Marina Manager however the Marina Manager does not warrant that such utilities will be available including in emergencies. 

1.7 The Marina user is required to use a matching electrical plug that screws into the Marina’s outlet. Leads should not be allowed to hang in the water or obstruct access to other vessels. The Marina manager reserves the right to remove damaged leads and will inform the Marina user of any issues. 

1.8 Vessels using the marina and adjacent waterways must not create wave wash and must remain within the maximum speed limit of 5 knots. 

1.9 Children under the age of 10 years, whilst using the private sections of the marina, must be accompanied or supervised by an adult at all times. 

1.10 Air-docks, boat lifts and the like are not permitted to be used without prior approval from the Marina Manager. 

1.11 No vessel is to operate commercially from the Marina without prior acknowledgement of the Marina manager, Conditions will apply for charter vessels. 

1.12 Animals are not permitted to be on the marina unless on a leash and under the control of an adult. Fouling of Marina facilities by animals is also prohibited. Please pick up after your dog. 

1.13 Items of Vessels such as gear, fittings or equipment, supplies, stores or the like are prohibited 

from being left upon pontoons, jetties and all other Marina facilities. 

1.14 All lines, rigging, halyards and loose fittings on vessels must be properly secured at all times so as to prevent noise and disturbance to the amenity of the precinct. 

1.15 Vessel owners must ensure that mooring lines, fenders and boarding equipment are of adequate quality and maintained in good workable condition. 

1.16 Tenders must be stored either on-board on completely within the marina berth. Tenders must be secured so that they do not run on the pontoon substructure or create an obstruction to a neighbouring berth. 

1.17 The tying up, or fastening of vessels to power and water pedestals, piles, light bollards or gangways is prohibited. 

1.18 Vessel owners are responsible for appointed contractors for works on their vessel. Contractors must arrange access by contacting the Marina Office. Contractors are required to provide evidence of insurance, relevant licensing requirements to perform the works, an acceptance and acknowledgement of the Marina Rules and a summary of works being undertaken. 

1.19 Major repairs of Vessels are prohibited, such as removal of engines, removal of masts, grinding, welding, hot works of any kind and painting with an air compressor. 

1.20 Minor repairs such as painting with a brush or roller, rigging, interior upgrades, mechanical adjustments and electrical work within the vessels are permitted between the hours of 07:00 and 17:00. 

1.21 Vessel owners must report lost or stolen access passes to the Marina Manager. Where an additional card is required, the vessel owner will be charged a fee for replacement. 

2.0 Behaviour 

2.1 Marina users are required to preserve the amenity of the precinct by restricting noise emanating from vessels. Public address systems, tone enhanced telephone systems and the like are not permitted to be used. 

2.2 The excessive running of engines, motors and generators whilst at the marina is not permitted. 

2.3 Offensive language or behaviour within the marina and general precinct will not be tolerated. 

Offenders may be requested to leave the marina by the Marina Manager. 

2.4 Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the marina docks and must be confined to a vessel or the BBQ area. 

2.5 Marina users shall not moor, sail nor manoeuvre any vessel so as to create a danger, obstacle, impediment or inconvenience to other users. 

2.6 Recreational fishing, swimming, diving and underwater activities are not permitted within the marina and its adjacent waterways. 

2.7 Security alarms fitted to vessels at the marina shall be adjusted for a cut-off period of five minutes or less. 

3.0 Pollution 

3.1 Anti-pollution regulations apply within the marina which is a NO DISCHARGE zone. The use of vessel toilets, sinks and showers which discharge through the hull is prohibited. The discharge of polluted effluent from manual and automatic bilge pumps is also prohibited within the marina. 

3.2 Washing or hosing down of vessel topsides is permitted using water from the service pedestal only. Any detergents used must be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

4.0 Safety 

4.1 Welding, grinding, oxy cutting and other such hot work shall not be carried out on the marina or on any vessel at berth. 

4.2 No garbage, batteries or other waste materials shall be permitted to be placed or left on the docks. All garbage and waste materials shall be disposed of in the bins provided or as directed by the Marina Manager. Marina users or contractors must take refuse items off site for proper disposal if they are too large to fit into bins provided. 

4.3 Marina users shall report any collision or damage to the Marina, any leakage or spills of fuels, oils 

and other hazardous substances, fire, explosion or combustible incidents to the Marina Manager immediately. 

4.4 Any debris within the marina and surrounds which is considered to be hazardous to safe navigation shall be reported to the Marina Manager. 

4.5 Marina users shall exercise caution and adopt procedures for the safe use of electrical equipment near the water. 

5.0 Maintenance 

5.1 All damage caused to the marina, the marina surrounds or other vessels must be reported to the Marina Manager immediately. 

5.2 All defects in or malfunctions of the mooring equipment or marina infrastructure must be reported to the Marina Manager immediately. 

5.3 Marina users must keep and maintain the marina berth and any vessel in a clean and tidy condition and in good repair. 

6.0 Insurance 

6.1 Vessels must be insured as well as the Person and the Person’s crew, agents, visitors, guests and subcontractors, third parties and their property against all loss and damage caused or associated with the Vessel for a sum of not less than $10,000,000 in respect of each accident or damage together with adequate salvage insurance. Such insurance, and a Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Survey for the vessel must be valid and maintained in an insurance office of repute and the Person must produce a current copy the policy or policies to Marina Management. 

7.0 Indemnity 

7.1 Marina users entering and using the Marina acknowledge that they do so at their own risk and the risk of their crew, agents, visitors, guests and subcontractors. All risk in the Vessel, and responsibility for its loss, theft, damage, and all other risks remain with the Marina user at all times. 

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